If you write it, will they come?

I’ve seen the blogs a guy can make a living off of. They get 10,000 hits a month. That entices advertisements, then requires the complimentary Facebook page, Twitter account, Google+ profile, etc., etc. Frankly, it looks scary (where’s health insurance, the 401k plan?). But it also looks awesome (freedom!).

If I stumble upon that, great. I won’t push it away. I’m not for messing with the plan.

But this isn’t for that. This is for de-cluttering my mind. Because I’m all over the map. And I know I’m not the only one.

There’s gotta be guys out there as interested in watching the NFL conference finals (Go Ravens!) as the next GOP presidential debate. Or as thoughtful about their appearance as they are about their beer. Or as concerned about how to be a good father as they are about finally learning the mandolin their wife bought them as a wedding gift. Listen to Mos Def or Pat Methany? Both, thank you! Rather read about Jay-Z or the end of poverty? Both, of course! Prefer music over history? Not necessarily. Depends on the music. And the history. Both can be awful. Both can be captivating.

So, in here, this blog, is where I’m going to filter all the interests one man’s mind can ostensibly stand. I’m going to look at music, politics, religion, comedy, history and sports (and more). I’m going talk about books, movies, articles and photos (and more). I’m going to take inventory of all that rattles in my brain.

I invite you to do the same.


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