The blogging plan

Admittedly, I embark on this blog reluctantly, because the cynical voices in my head — who I call the “Pags haters” — say there’s so much working against me: “You don’t have time to maintain a blog.” “How are ya gonna keep it fresh?” “Pags, EVERYBODY already has a blog. The bandwagon’s been full for years.” Yea, I hear it. So what? Who cares?

So, to neutralize the Pags haters, I developed a plan. Albeit, a brief one. But I have one. They say writing out your goals is powerful. Goals that float around in your head get lost at sea. Goals that are written down get done. They’re right there, captured in permanence, ready for action, and then the brain — and, sometimes, strangely, the forces of fate — gets to work on making them happen.

Here are mine for this blog:

1. Publish a new post at a rate of once a week. As far as the 2012 calender year goes, I’m three weeks behind (I published my first “post” last week). By the end of the year, I hope my post count is at 49.

2. Establish regular categories of posts. ‘Renaissance Man of the Month,’ to look at some of the contemporary gents out there dabbling and succeeding in everything. ‘My tunes,’ to dive into a music topic. ‘Inside the cover’ (not sold on that name), to dig into a great book. I’ve also got a list of topical categories — fashion, sports, food, religion, art, philosophy/thought, history, etc. — to run the gamut of the Renaissance Man 2.0 thinks about.

3. Plan content up to one-month ahead. At my day job (I’m a journalist at a super small newspaper), if you don’t plan ahead — especially weeks ahead — you’re just treading water trying to survive from day to day. In our biz, a budget is about what it sounds like: A plan of what stories are published on what days. If those Pags haters don’t think I have time to maintain a blog, then a budget is my best weapon against them.

It’s brief, but it’s going to get this started.

“That’s it?! Three silly goals?!”

Yea? Well, we’ll see come December 31st.


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