Sneak peek: What to expect in February

You know what they say: The first step is the hardest part (In fact, Google that phrase, and you get 14,000,000 results in 0.19 seconds. I guess A LOT of people say it). Well, here it goes …

One of my three goals for this blog was to plan ahead. So I give you the February plan:

Feb. 1: A little bit of story time with New Yorker staff writer and author Malcolm Gladwell. It’s got everything — innovation, war, greed, irony.

Feb. 8: Our first ‘Renaissance Man of the Month’ goes to rapper/poet/actor/activist Mos Def. We’ll go into his genius (and sometimes wacky) mind.

Feb. 15: Awwww yeeaaaa, we’re already going political in Month One of RM 2.0.

Feb. 22: Our first book review goes to Jay-Z’s “Decoded.” Lot to talk about with that.

And so it begins.


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