What is Renaissance Man 2.0?

Good question. Renaissance Man 2.0 is a blog devoted solely to marveling in the intellectual value of almost everything. The mind of RM 2.0 wanders into almost any topic — art, politics, music, history, sports, fashion, philosophy, religion, and much more —  engages it and learns from it.

There was no Ph.D requirement to start this blog (but Ph.Ds are encouraged to add to the discussion). It just took an unwavering curiosity about the grandiose and intricate in life, and maybe looking for where and/or when they cross paths.

RM 2.0 provides the commentary of one man (Brian Paglia, I’m also known as Pags) on any subject of interest and worth to him about our culture and our time.

But I acknowledge my commentary isn’t the beginning, or the end, on a topic. It’s an addition. Where you feel moved, add yours.

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